Advertiser Settings – DEI Goals

The Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) categories available in Bionic help you to define your client's DEI goals and track how well your media plans meet the goals for each category.

The Program listings in Bionic have been classified to identify specific DEI categories they represent. By setting client goals and building media plans, Bionic will automatically calculate the budget for each DEI category, track actual spend against the categories, calculate the share of campaign budget, variance, and percent attainment from the DEI goals.


How to Set Advertiser (Client) DEI Goals

To establish your Client's DEI goals, you will need to be viewing the Advertiser.

Go to the Settings Tab.


In the Settings Option list, click DEI Goals.

A list of DEI Groups will automatically display.

Enter the % Goal for each Group.


Identifying DEI Programs

Since Bionic categorizes each Program with the applicable DEI group, you can easily find Programs that will help you meet your DEI objectives.

Simply click on the DEI group name to display.



Bionic will filter Program listings to include Programs identified in that Group.



You may use these results to add to your media plans or create RFPs. Learn more about using the Research tab.

Simply build your media plans as you normally would, and Bionic will begin to automatically track your DEI information.


Next Steps

Monitor your DEI goals with the DEI Scorecard

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