Allocations - Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) Scorecard

Based on your Client DEI Goals, each campaign will automatically calculate the budget for each DEI category based on the Programs and costs built out in your media plan.


How To Access Your DEI Scorecard

Each campaign will provide a detailed scorecard comparing how your media plan DEI budgets align with your client's DEI goals.

You can access this Scorecard in the Allocations tab of your campaign.

At the top of your campaign, Bionic will provide an overall % of the DEI Goal Attainment.


You may click on this link to directly access the Scorecard, or click on the Allocations tab and select DEI Scorecard from the options list.


How To Read The DEI Scorecard

The DEI Scorecard will provide a list of Groups, along with their respective Goals, Planned Amounts, Variance and Attainment.


Group - Name of the DEI Group

GOALS (As set in the Client Setting - DEI Goals)

Share - % Share of spend to be allocated to campaign

Amount - Monetary value of allocated Share against the Campaign Budget

In Media Plan (Based on what has been planned against Programs in each DEI Group)

Share - The % of planned spend against the Goal for that DEI Group

Amount - The monetary value of total planned spend against the Goal for that DEI Group

Scorecard (Based on Goals against Planned Spend)

Variance - The difference between the Goal Spend and the Media Plan spend

Attainment - The % achieved in Planned Spend against the Goal Spend


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