Changes To Your Homepage Dashboard

When you log into Bionic, you’ll notice a few changes to the dashboard. This is the first in a few upcoming upgrades to provide a cleaner, easier to use Bionic.


First, we eliminated some of the clutter by replacing the Advertisers and Campaigns sections with a more useful "Most Recent Campaign"

We have added tabs to help you quickly access what you need.

Advertisers: Access ALL of your Advertisers

Campaigns: Access ALL of your Campaigns

Tasks: See ALL of your company's tasks

Allocations (Admin users only): See allocations rolled up across ALL of your campaigns

Performance (Admin users only): See performance rolled up across ALL of your campaigns

And what about that handy shortcut bar on the left to navigate through Advertisers, Campaigns & Placements?  It's still there!  Just click through to any advertiser or campaign and it will become available for use.


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