Cloning Multiple Placements

In media planning cloning has a wide range of utility. Plans often have some sort of repetition or trend.  Dates or details may change, but many share general attributes. Often there are situations where some of what you have done in one plan is applicable to another. Maybe you bought inventory as part of a bigger deal or annual buy, but don't know quite know where you will use them yet. Cloning saves you time in all of these situations by eliminating the duplicate data entry.

Bionic has introduced the ability to clone multiple placements. Even better - not only can you clone multiple placements at once within your media plan, you can clone them to a completely different media plan.


Start by selecting the line items you wish to clone by clicking in the gray area on the far left side (like you would in Excel).

  • Hold the CTRL key and click specific placements to select multiple individual lines.
  • To select multiple lines together, click the 1st placement line, hold the SHIFT key, click the last line in the series.
  • Click the gray square in the very top left corner of the plan to select ALL placement lines.

Click the Clone button at the top of the media plan.


Select the options you want to apply.

You can opt to simply keep the cloned lines within the current media plan or to copy them to a different media plan.

Number of copies can be helpful when cloning a package, or there are multiple repetitions of the selected lines.  For example, if you created a package and there are 5 additional variations of the same package, enter 5.

If you wish to color code the new lines, select a color from the options in the box.

Press Clone when complete to create the cloned lines.



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