Track 'Our Rate' By Currency

Within the Bionic Directory, each data card represents available products for that brand and stores the most recent price entered- referred to as Our Rate.  That rate is then automatically populated when you use that product in your media plan.

For companies operating across multiple currencies, this release enables 'Our Rate' to store separate rates based on the currency.  When developing a media plan, the rate entered will be stored for each product based on the Currency it is entered in.

For example, a team in Europe adds a placement entered as 14 CPM in Euros.  Another team in the US uses that same placement at 20 CPM US Dollars.

  1. When the US team adds the placement, the Euro rate will NOT automatically populate.
  2. The next time the US team uses that product, the $20 CPM rate will automatically populate.
  3. Placement currency is based on the campaign default, and can be changed for individual line items (if enabled for the campaign).  The rate pulled will be based on that placement's currency setting.



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