Reach And Frequency Added For Non-Broadcast Placements

While reach and frequency are most often used when working with broadcast placements, they can also be applicable for non-broadcast placements - think Facebook, for example.

To support this, Bionic has expanded the media plan for non-broadcast channels to represent the pertinent information.


Market & Demographics - The Market requires that you select from the list of available markets - some general markets have been added.  You can contact Bionic Customer Support to add additional Markets on-demand - or (603) 676-7285 Option 3 or reach out via Chat.

Population - If available for the Market/Demographics, Population will automatically populate.  However, you can manually enter a Population.

Impressions - You can manually enter the number of impressions, unless the Rate is based on impressions in which case it will pull from the Quantity.

CPM - This is the Estimated Effective CPM (Total Media Cost ÷ (Estimated Impressions ÷ 1000).

Reach # - Enter the number of people being reached.

Reach % - This is the calculated percentage reached (Reach # / Population).

Frequency - This is the calculated Frequency (Impression / Reach #).


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