Reach & Frequency For Non-Broadcast Channels

For placements that are not broadcast related, you can still track your reach and frequency.  These fields will be available automatically when the Channel field of the placement is not TV or Radio.

Market & Demographics - The Market requires that you select from the list of available markets - some general markets have been added.  You can contact Bionic Customer Support to add additional Markets on-demand - or (603) 676-7285 Option 3 or reach out via Chat.

Population - If available for the Market/Demographics, Population will automatically populate.  However, you can manually enter a Population.

Impressions - You can manually enter the number of impressions, unless the Rate is based on impressions in which case it will pull from the Quantity.

CPM - This is the Estimated Effective CPM (Total Media Cost ÷ (Estimated Impressions ÷ 1000).

Reach # - Enter the number of people being reached.

Reach % - This is the calculated percentage reached (Reach # / Population).

Frequency - This is the calculated Frequency (Impression / Reach #).

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