Campaign Settings - KPI Columns

KPI columns gives you the flexibility to identify which KPIs you will need to track for this media plan.

While your media plan will automatically include KPIs driven by how you are buying, you may have multiple KPIs critical for measuring the performance of a placement.

For example, say you have a display ad with a call to click that you are paying $12/cpm.  Since you need to enter planned impressions to calculate the rate, this KPI will automatically be tracked.  However, in this example you also want to track Clicks.  By adding Clicks to the KPI columns, you will then also be able to track your Clicks and Cost Per Click.

Adding KPIs To Your Media Plan

  1. In your campaign, click on the Settings tab and go to the KPI columns section
  2. Press the Select KPIs buttonKPIsColumnSelect.png
  3. Select the KPIs you want to track (you can always add/remove later) and press DoneSelectKPIs2.png

Once the KPIs have been added, you are able to optionally specify a default Cost Efficiency Goal and select a Cost Basis for the calculations.

NOTE: If you change the Default Cost Efficiency, it will update all of the placements in the media plan that have been set to the default.  Custom values changed in the media plan will retain the value entered.

Some KPIs such as Clicks, Views, & Conversions enable you to choose between efficiency options. CPC vs CTR, CPV vs View %, CVR vs ACC/CAC.


Specify a Cost Basis by selecting from the dropdown. Your options are: Net Media Cost, Gross Media Cost, Total Media Cost or Total Cost.


NOTE: If a KPI is being used to calculate a production or delivery cost(s) you must select a Cost Basis that will not interfere with how your overall cost is calculated (either Total Cost or Net Media Cost).

For example, if you are using the Total rate method in the media plan, instead of Net or Gross, you will need to use a Cost Basis of Total Cost for your KPI if you have production and/or delivery costs that calculate using a KPI. This will then allow all of your costs to calculate correctly.

Custom values set will show an indicator in the media plan.



Any defaults can be changed for individual line items within the media plan.

To change the order in which KPIs are presented in the plan, you can hover over the line number and drag to the desired position.


Removing KPIs From Your Plan

KPIs you have previously added to the media plan can be removed, unless it is tied to the cost of a placement in the plan.

NOTE: Removing KPIs will delete any goals related to the KPI that have been entered in the plan.

  1. Hover over the KPI you want to remove
  2. Click on the Remove button and confirm when prompted


KPIs that cannot be removed will be indicated when you hover over them.



For information about KPIs in the media plan see Manually Adding Placement Details to Media Plan.


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