For automatic updates, activate the Sizmek Adapter

  1. In order to setup the adapter you will need to send us your Account ID and Account Name. This can be done by logging into Sizmek and click on your account name in the upper right corner and going to ‘Account Settings’. Then take a screen shot of the page including the URL which contain the Account ID and send the screen shot to    (After sending this information you will then send a private email address to use to send your reports to on a nightly basis.)  
  2. To configure and schedule the Sizmek report click the ‘Analytics’ menu and click on the ‘Report Builder’ in order to access the reporting engine.  
  3. You will need to create a report to export your metric information. The report will need to include the following fields:  
    • Day
    • Advertiser ID
    • Advertiser Name
    • Campaign ID
    • Campaign Name
    • Placement ID
    • Placement Name
    • Site ID
    • Site Name
    • Impressions (Net)
    • Clicks (Net)
    • Total Interactions  
    • Total Viewable Impressions (IAB)
  4. After selecting the fields to include in the report you will set these parameters: 

    Report Delivery Method: Email

    Email Address List (comma separated): the private email you will be sent after completing step 1

    Report File Format: CSV

    Compress Report file: Zip

  5. You will then want to schedule the report to run with these settings: 



Click here for instructions on linking the Sizmek placements to placements in Bionic.

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