Expanded And Improved KPI Tracking

As demand for accountability and transparency grows, having KPIs clearly communicated (and achieved) is critical.  Bionic has made this easier by enabling you to establish KPIs when setting up your campaign, and adding automatic calculations for Cost Efficiency and Quantity goals.  As always, you can then opt to tie in your performance data to monitor performance and get the most of your advertising investment.


  • KPIs you need to track can be identified when you setup your campaign (or anytime) instead of being driven exclusively by rate and data sources.
  • Default Cost Efficiency Goals and Cost Basis for each KPI can be defined.
  • Instantly calculate your goal or cost efficiency for each placement.

How To Setup KPIs

Within the Settings for each campaign, you can define which KPIs you want to track along with the Default Cost Efficiency Goal (optional) and Cost Basis.


All of the KPIs will automatically pull through to your media plan where you can then customize individual Goals and control which KPIs should be represented for each placement.

Click here for detailed information about setting up KPIs for your campaign.


Managing KPIs In Your Media Plan

Within your media plan, goals for individual placements can be entered.  You can either enter your desired Cost Efficiency goal and Bionic will calculate the quantity necessary to achieve that goal.  Or you can enter the Quantity goal and Bionic will calculate the Cost Efficiency.


KPIs can be removed from individual placements as needed, and the Default Cost Efficiency that pulls through can be changed or removed.

See the KPIs section of Manually Adding Placement Details To Media Plan for detailed instructions.


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