Placement Names

Standardizing your placement names with Bionic is easy.  Out of the box, Bionic will generate a standard placement name automatically.  If you have an existing format you are required to use, even if it includes coded values, Bionic can handle that too.

How Placement Names Are Generated

Bionic will generate the placement name as you complete the placement details.

By default, the placement name will use the format: <Program Name>|<Product Name>


Customizing Your Placement Name

For one-off changes to individual placements, you can click on the edit icon Placement in the Placement Name field.


Within the Edit Placement Name screen, you can then manually enter the placement name you want to use.



If you need to change your default placement name to reflect a specific format, Bionic Customer Support can update your organizational settings to reflect the required structure.  Contact us via Chat, Email or Phone @ (603) 676-7285 Option 3.

Placement names can be changed for your company as a whole.  They can also be customized for individual Advertisers.  When customized for an Advertiser, it will carry through to any child Advertisers under it when applicable.

Fields available are:

  • Bionic Placement ID (BA:123456)
  • Program Name
  • Product Name
  • Ad Unit
  • Targeting
  • Picklist Columns (Identify which of your picklist columns you want to use.  They need to be setup before we can add them.)

Delimiters can be any characters, up to 3 max.


Placements Containing Coded Values

Due to character limitations for placement names in other systems, you may be required to use coded values.  Bionic can support this requirement through Picklist Columns.  You can find details about setting up Picklist Columns here.

Each part of the placement name that requires a code must be setup as a Picklist Column.  The values for each will need to be entered with their respective code with a | separating the value from the code (see image below).


Alternatively, you can copy values and codes from Excel and paste into the Picklist Values field.  Bionic will automatically format the values/codes once you save.

CountryList.png                CountryPicklistPaste2.png


You will need to contact Bionic Customer Support to request the Placement Name change.  Include the specific fields, delimiter, and note which fields should use codes.  Also identify specific Advertiser customizations if needed.

For example:


* = Use code

Once setup, it will automatically use the new default Placement Name as you create new placements.



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