Finding And Managing Your Advertisers And Campaigns

This latest release makes finding what you want a breeze through search and management functions.

How do I find Advertisers and Campaigns?

After logging into Bionic, click on either the Advertisers or Campaigns tab.

These will display your list of Advertisers or Campaigns, respectively.



In the Search box, start entering the name of the Advertiser or Campaign (respective to the current tab) you are looking for.

The display will automatically limit to reflect the matching results.

From here, you can simply click through on the Advertiser or Campaign you want to view.


Following / Unfollowing Campaigns and Advertisers

Following an advertiser or campaign is a way of flagging those that are important to you so you can easily find them.  You will automatically follow Advertisers and Campaigns that you create.

You can use this new view to easily Follow or Unfollow multiple Advertisers or Campaigns at once.

Place a check mark next to the items you want to Follow or Unfollow.

Press the Follow or Unfollow button at the top.

Use the view options to adjust whether you are looking at those you are Following, Not Following, or All.


Changing Sort Order

Click on the headers of any column in the view to sort alphanumerically.


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