Flighting At Package Level

The ability to flight at a package level allows you create a package containing multiple flighted placements, where each placement is flighted across the same dates.


Create Flight From Package

To flight at the package level, click on the menu for the package you want to flight.

Select the Flight At Package Level option.


Enter the number of flights for each placement.  This is the quantity of flights that will be added to each placement in the package.


NOTE: If the package already contains flights, those flights will be replaced with the new flights and cannot be recovered.

Press Add Flights to create.

Once the package is flighted, the package header will control the rate and quantity as it normally would.

The flights listed below the package header will represent the Flight Dates & Day Parts.  These values will apply to every set of flights for each placement in the package.

Using Existing Flights At Package Level

If you already have a package setup with a flighted placement, you can opt to use those flights at the Package Level.

Expand the menu for the Flight Header and select Use Flights at Package Level.

You will receive a warning that the changes will override existing flights.

Once you press Enable, these flights will apply at the package level.


Unlink Flights From Package

If you have setup flighting at the package level, you do have the option to unlink it.

At the Package Header line, expand the menu and select Unlink Flights from Package.

When you do this, all flights will remain intact with the current data, but will no longer be controlled at the package level.  You can now make any modifications to individual flights as needed.





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