Understanding Itemized Advertising Costs

Your organization can define how you want to track costs related to Production, Delivery, and Agency Compensation.  These costs can be structured to represent the itemized breakouts based on your needs, giving you the flexibility to provide the level of transparency, tracking, and reporting to meet the requirements of your organization and clients.

The itemized Costs included in media plans will export to the media plan, authorization, and Allocation Charts, and summarized Costs will be presented in the Powerpoint presentation and available as Display Values in the Flowchart.


Cost Setup

Costs are setup by an Organization Administrator - this helps to ensure control and consistency of the costs your company will be tracking.  Setup and manage your itemized costs

Types of Costs

Production: Costs that are added to the Net Media Cost to calculate the Total Media Cost.

Talent Fee, Color Charge, and Installation are examples of Production Costs

Agency Compensation: Your agency's commission, added to Net Media Cost to calculate the Total Media Cost

% of Gross Media Cost, % of Net Media Cost, Line Item Fee are examples of Agency Compensation

Delivery: Costs related to the delivery of the ads, such as Ad Serving fees.  These are added to the Total Media Cost to calculate the Total Cost.

Ad Serving Fee, Trafficking Fee are examples of Delivery Costs


Cost Methods

Each Cost will have an applicable Cost method.  Cost Methods available will be dependent upon the Cost Type.


Using Costs

Once the Costs you need exist:

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