Campaign Settings – Production Costs

Production Costs represent costs that will be worked into the Total Media Cost.  You can opt to break out itemized Production Costs, or represent them as more generic rolled up costs.

Productions Costs set at the Advertiser will automatically carry into the campaign.  You can then override these defaults for the individual campaign and within placement line items.


Adding Production Costs


Press the Select Production Costs button


Select the Production Cost you want to add.  NOTE: This list is created by your Organization's Administrator(s).  Learn more about managing Advertising Costs here.

Press Done to save.

Upon selecting the default Production Costs you want, you can also modify the default Rate and Currency to be used for this Campaign (if different from the Cost default). You will be able to modify costs for each placement as needed.


Reordering Production Costs

You are able to change the order in which Production Costs will appear in your media plan.



Removing Production Costs

You can remove any Production Cost set for the campaign.  However, if that cost is in use by any placements, they will all be deleted.


Hover over the line you want to move.  Press the Remove button next to the line.


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