Campaign Settings - Task Columns

The Task Columns section allows you to select the Tasks you want to track for the placements in this campaign.  This could be tracking when materials are due, when IOs need to be sent, or any other tasks related to individual placements.

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In Media Plan: Displays which Task Columns will be included in this plan.

Not In Media Plan: Displays the Task Columns that are current available to choose from.

If a Task Column does not exist that you need, you can add a new Task Name.


Adding Task Columns To Your Media Plan

Hover over the Task Name

Press Add


Adding New Task Names

If the Task Name you need does not exist, you can create one on-the-fly.

Press the Create New Task link


Complete the information for the Task Name


Press Save Task Name

New Tasks created will automatically get added to be included in the media plan.



Remove Task Columns From Your Media Plan

Task Columns can be removed from the media plan at any time.  Removal of the column will not interfere with any existing placement tasks.  Tasks can still be managed at either the campaign level, or from within the placement line item details.



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