Why is my company listed as the Vendor for a program?

If you are looking at a media plan, allocation, or export, and notice your company is listed as the vendor, it may be that you created a Private Program (added a program on-the-fly).


When a Private Program is created, your company is automatically assigned as the Vendor.  Currently, this is not something you can change.  However, Bionic staff can.

The Bionic Market Intelligence team is automatically notified that you created this card.  We will evaluate the program and determine whether it should be part of our directory.  Any information you added, such as placements, pricing, contacts, etc will remain private.  We will only add publicly available information provided by the vendor.

For those we add to the directory, we will update the vendor, contact, available products and other standard information typically found in directory data cards.  Updates tend to be same day, but may be up to 2 days.  If you have an urgent need to get this updated, please notify and we can take care of the change for you immediately.

If the data card should not be included in the directory, it will remain accessible to only your company.  If you need the vendor updated, but want to leave the card private, please notify and let us know.


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