Can I change agency compensation for specific placements?

Say you charge different commissions between broadcast and digital, or a specific line item shouldn't be charged a commission.  Although you can set a default commission for the campaign as a whole, you also have the option to control commissions and line item fees within the individual placements.

Changing agency compensation at the line item level:

  1. On the Media Plan scroll to the right to view the cost section of the media plan
  2. Click through on the cost (for that placement) that you need to adjust (ie. Agency Compensation, Additional Cost, or Ad Serving, etc.)


  3. You will be brought to the cost section that you selected on the media plan


  4. In the Agency Compensation section, check the box to the left of the option to “Edit the compensation for this line item”
  5. Select the Media Commission Method from the dropdown menu
  6. Enter the Media Commission Rate percentage
  7. You may also add/remove the Fee per Line if needed




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