KPI Goals & Itemized Costs added to Media Plan upload

The media plan import worksheet can provide an alternative, Excel-based entry method, especially useful for making updates to large media plans in Bionic.  This release has expanded the upload worksheet to support entry of KPIs and Itemized Costs which are recent enhancements to Bionic.

KPI Goals

For each placement, you may enter the KPI goal.  Upon uploading the worksheet to your media plan in Bionic, it will automatically calculate the "Cost Per" for the each applicable KPI.

Itemized Costs

All Production Costs, Agency Compensation, and Delivery Costs setup for the media plan will be included in the worksheet.  For each, you can opt to Include or Exclude these costs for each placement.

To learn more about these specific enhancements and how to use the import file see Uploading a Media Plan from Worksheet


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