Expand / Collapse Packages and Flights in Filtered Views

When working in plans that contain packages and flights, the ability to expand and collapse their details is critical to effectively review your plan at a higher level, while still managing the specific details.  Filtering your plan is another way to help you work out the details of your plan and make updates efficiently.

In this release, we have brought these 2 functions together by providing options to expand and collapse your flights and packages while working within a filtered view.

Say, for instance, you have cloned a series of online display packages or broadcast flights and opted to view only those cloned lines.  However, because of numerous package placements or flights, the expanded view could have 10's or 100's of lines while a collapsed view would only display the limited number of package or flight headers.


Now, you have the option to expand and collapse within this filtered view, offering you only the level of detail you need right now.

  1. Just click on the Collapse All Flights or Collapse All Packages.
  2. Then click on the individual Package or Flight icon to expand just the ones you need to see now.


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