Configure Bing Ads for automatic updates


Setup/configure the adapter

  1.  To configure the Bing Ads adapter first let support know you are going to activate the adapter. They will then email you a private email address to have the Bing Ads report sent.
  2. Log into Bing Ads and click on the Reports Tab at the top.
  3. In the General Settings page use these settings: Screenshot_012519_125224_PM.jpg
    • Note: If data from only specific accounts and/or campaigns are desired select that option and then select the desired accounts and campaigns.
  4. In the Choose your columns section select these columns:
    • Please note that the Bing reporting engine adds [ ] around the campaign id so please be sure to include those when linking the Bing Campaign Id to the Bionic Placement ID. 
  5. The Filter section all the options should be unchecked.     Screenshot_011718_043025_PM.jpg   
  6.  In My Report Settings use these settings:
    • Use the private email address sent to you in step 1.
    • NOTE: that the end date can only be schedule three months in advance. You will need to periodically update this to ensure the report continues to run and be sent.

Link the Bing Ads Campaign ID to the Bionic Placement ID

  1. Add Bing as a data source to your campaign(s)
  2. Map your placement(s) to receive data


Once linked, you will start automatically receiving data the following day (tomorrow morning). If you have any problems, don't hesitate to contact Bionic Customer Support. We're always happy to help you.

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