Planning Goal #1: Create your first Media Plan

Build & present your first media plan...

By the end of this page, you will be able to setup a basic media plan, pull out your client presentations, and generate IOs.  And if you get stuck on anything, or have a more complicated situation, just use the in-app CHAT for some instant help from our AWESOME support team!

And don't worry, if you need more data added to your plan, you will learn how to do those in the upcoming goals.

To get started...

  • Use one of the sample campaigns we setup for you
  • Create your own campaign (enter a historical campaign or one you are currently working on)


Create a campaign (If you're opting for this route)

The easiest way to create a campaign is to start from the Advertiser that the campaign is for.



In the Campaign Settings, add an agency compensation to the default settings if applicable



Add a placement

A Placement typically represents an individual advertisement (there is some flexibility here, so feel free to chat with us about other situations you may have)


Enter Program, Product, Targeting, Flight Dates, Rate, Quantity



Add a Package

Packages represent multiple placements that are given for a collective rate.  Here are just a couple of examples:

You receive a print ad AND email blast for 1 flat fee

You pay $25 CPM for 250,000 impressions across a 728x90 AND 300x250 AND Interstitial



Enable flighting for a placement

Flighting can be used to represent breakouts of a particular placement.  It would be frequently used with broadcast placements to represent the Broadcast Weeks the ad is running, but can also be used for print to break out publication months, or digital to account for blackout dates.



Build out some more placements!


Pull out some Client presentations


Check out the Media Plan, Media Authorization, & Powerpoint presentation



Pull out your IOs



Check out the flowchart (we will get into customizing this later)


Export the flowchart as an Image, PDF, or XLS



Now that you have the very basics, do some more advanced planning using Planning Goal #2: Planning Tips & Tricks to make building your plan faster & easier!


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