For automatic updates, activate the Sizmek Adapter (for the older Sizmek interface)

(follow these instructions if you are using the older Sizmek interface)

To configure Sizmek for the automatic night download into Bionic you will need to login and open the Profile window:

And provide either a screenshot or just send the Account and System Username info to

This is the list of fields to include in the report:

Agency ID
Agency Name
Advertiser ID
Advertiser Name
Campaign ID
Campaign Name
Package Name / Placement ID
Package Name
Placement ID
Placement Name
Site ID
Site Name
Section ID
Section Name
Served Impressions

Key settings:
Advertiser: All
Report Format: CSV , Zip Report: checked
Date Resolution: Days
Date Range: Yesterday


Here is a screenshot of the report configuration:


And the scheduling:

NOTE: Sizmek restricts how far into the future a scheduled report can run so you will need to periodically login and change the end date of the report.



Click here for instructions on linking the Sizmek placements to placements in Bionic.




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