Planning Goal #3: Expanding Campaign Data

Now that you have created your first media plan...

Add more data to build out your plan... and get more out.  Plus, customize your flowcharts

Pick and choose what data is applicable to your particular needs...


Custom Picklist Columns

When the standard media plan fields just aren't enough.  Track whatever data you want - statuses, operation data, anything specific to each placement (except dates, those are Tasks & we will talk about that another time).



Check out your custom fields in the Allocation Charts




Applicable for when you have a lot to say about a placement, whatever that might be.  These notes will be included in your Media Plan & Media Authorization outputs.



Tracking URLs

Enter your Landing Page URL, and Bionic will automatically generate Google Analytics Tracking URL.



Check out the Google Analytics URL export



Market, Reach, & Frequency

When needed, you can identify the Market & Demographic information for this placement as well as calculate the Reach & Frequency.  Bionic Customer Support can add Market sources if you need others - just ask us!

Non-broadcast Placements


Broadcast Placements



Customize Your Flowcharts

Flowcharts are highly customizable to meet many of your reporting needs.  Here is an example of one you might want to present to your client - Campaign Spend by Channel with Objective.



Save Your Custom Flowchart View

For each flowchart view you create, you can save it to access later.



Now that you have the very basics, check out your next goal - Planning Goal #4: Manage Costs


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