Administrative Controls For Picklist Columns (Custom Columns)

This release has introduced Administrative level controls for Picklist Columns (sometimes referred to as custom columns).  These controls are intended to help organizations more easily manage the Picklist Columns available to their organization, as well as create consistency within the organization's data.

Organization Admin access is required for these controls.  This access can be setup by Bionic Customer Support with approval from an authorized member of your team.

Setting Up and Managing Your Organizations Picklist Columns

Within the Administrative section of your organization (click on your company name in the top right corner of Bionic), a tab for Picklist Columns has been added.

Here you can add new picklists and delete 1 or more existing picklists that are not in use. You can also opt to Lock 1 or more existing picklists.  Locking is also a new feature explained below.

You can edit picklists from here.  Say, users have accidentally added picklist values that they didn't mean to, or certain values are no longer applicable.  You can edit individual picklists to manage the values that are available to users.


Locking Picklist Values

Control has been added that allows Admin users to lock the values for Picklists.  For example, if you have a Picklist called Authorization Approved, the only realistic answers are Yes or No.  If you opt to lock the Picklist, users will be unable to change these values.

For each picklist, you can control whether it is locked or not.  If you want full control over the data, you will want to lock them all.  Picklists that are left unlocked will allow any user to add to these values either from the media plan or in the campaign settings area.



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