Bulk Updating the Bionic & Google Campaign Manager Mapping Link

Working with large campaigns can lead to a lot of extra work when linking each individual placement in Bionic to Campaign Manager 360. Fortunately, Bionic supports bulk linking.  Below are the steps to import your Bionic media plan into Campaign Manager 360, aka DCM. This process will automatically create the placement data in Campaign, then map the Campaign Manager placements with the Bionic placements.



Enable Campaign Manager

To begin, we must enable Campaign Manager through the Integration configuration:

  1. Go the Campaign you wish to enable Campaign Manager in.
  2. Click on 'Settings'
  3. Select the 'Integrations' tab
  4. Click "Select Integrations'
  5. Choose the appropriate Campaign Manager integration
  6. Press Done



Export Campaign Manager Placements

Next, we need to export the placements from Bionic so that we can import into Campaign Manager.

  1. Go back to your Media Plan
  2. Click on "Export"
  3. Select "DCM Placement Import"
  4. Choose which lines you want to export
  5. Press "Export"


Your exported document will look similar to this:




Upload Spreadsheet to Campaign Manager

Now we need to get the exported file into Campaign Manager. 

  1. Log into Campaign Manager 360
  2. Go to the Campaign you would like to upload to
  3. Click Import, then Import Spreadsheet
  4. Select the file that you downloaded from Bionic



Receive Spreadsheet

Campaign Manager 360 will email you a link to download a confirmation of upload with a log of reconciliation inside. Once you open this link, click on the "Results" button to download. 





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