Dayparting allows you to specify the exact days and time of day your ad will run. This feature applies to all channels.

By default, Every Day and All Day are selected for Dayparts.

To select the days of the week that your ad will run, click into the first field.


Here you are provided shortcuts to easily select Every Day, Weekdays, and Weekends. For example, if you deselect Weekends, all Weekdays will automatically be selected (Monday - Friday).


You can also select/deselect specific days as applicable to your plan.

When completed, tab or click out of the field to close the menu.

The field will the display the days you have scheduled.


M = Monday

T = Tuesday

W = Wednesday

R = Thursday

F = Friday

Sa = Saturday

Su = Sunday


To select the time of day that your ad will run, click into the second field.


If the placement is not TV or Radio (selected in Channel field), you can select between All Day or enter a custom time frame.  Or you can click "Select a dayparting scheme for more options..." to select a broadcast Scheme option.



In this example using the Radio daypart scheme, you will see that we have preset time ranges that are applicable for US radio stations. Here you can select one of the preset time ranges or you can use the Custom option to enter any time range.

You can change the scheme by clicking on the current scheme name at the top right.


Select from the available schemes to change the time options applicable to your placement.


If you need additional schemes, let us know! Bionic Customer Support can assist with adding schemes on demand.  Contact us at or (603) 676-7285 Option 3.


Once you have selected the scheme and time range applicable to your placement you can click or tab out of the field and the selected time range will display.




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