Advertiser Overview

The new Advertiser Overview tab provides a quick overview of the high-level information about that Advertiser.




Overview Tab

Upon creating or viewing an Advertiser, you are now brought to an Overview tab that highlights contacts, security, currency, and agency compensation.


You may click on the Edit button to quickly jump to the Settings tab of the Advertiser where you can change any of the default settings for this Advertiser.



Clicking the Add Advertiser Logo area (if you already have a logo it will display the logo) will bring you to a newly introduced Logo section within the Settings tab.  Here you can add, remove, or update the logo.


The logo will then be displayed in the various sizes used throughout the application and export files to provide quick image validation.



The Advertiser Description is new in this release. Clicking the Add Advertiser Description area will bring you to a newly introduced Description section within the Settings tab.  Here you can add a description of the Advertiser, or any other text you want to convey.  At this time, this text will not be included in any external facing content.


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