Advertiser – Overview

The Advertiser Overview tab provides a quick overview of the high-level information about that Advertiser.  This can offer team members quick insights into this advertiser including their logo, strategic goals, insights into what the company does, contacts, security information, currency, and agency compensation.




From here, you can click the Edit button at the top of the screen to quickly jump to the Settings tab of the Advertiser where you can change any of the default settings for this Advertiser.

Add Advertiser Logo

Clicking the Add Advertiser Logo area will bring you to the Logo section within the Settings tab.  Here you can Add and Remove the Advertiser logo.

Add Advertiser Description

Clicking the Add Advertiser Description area will bring you to the Description section within the Settings tab.  Here you can edit the Advertiser Description.



Following an Advertiser indicates particular interest for you.  When you go to the Advertiser tab of Bionic, you can filter Advertisers to just display those you Follow, providing quick access to those you work with normally.

Once you setup pertinent information for this Advertiser, you will be able to see the details from the Overview page.



Next Step: Advertiser Settings – Basic Info

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