Flighting A Package

When you flight at the package level, each placement within the package will be flighted exactly the same.  You will control the flighting within the package header.


Flight At Package Level

Begin by setting up a package if you haven't already. For more on creating packages click here.

Click the action menu dropdown located next to the package icon.


Select Flight at Package Level.


Enter the Start/End Dates

Select the date policy the flights should apply.

Press Add Flights.

The flights will be applied to each of the placements in the package and can be controlled from the package header.



To add another flight to each placement within the package, follow the same steps found in the Adding Additional Flights section of this article. Adding a flight to one placement will update all placement in the package.


Unlinking Flights from Package

Once you have set up flighting at the package level, you can unlink flights from the package if needed.

Click the action menu dropdown located next to the package header.


Select Unlink Flights from Package.

You will now have a package with individually flighted placements.


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