Smarter Flighting

When dealing with flight dates in media planning, they can range from single day flights to complex flighted placements or packages.  This can become time consuming to manage and leaves a lot of room for error.  And when flights change, updates can be a challenge. This release is focused around significantly reducing the time spent manually inputting dates and reducing the potential for error by introducing intelligence around flight date fields.

Non-Flighted Placements

When entering a non-flighted placement, the Start Date will always be a specific date.  However, the End Date can often be conditional.  It could be a Facebook ad that runs for 5 days.  Or a magazine ad that ends at the end of the calendar month.

When you enter a non-flighted placement, the End Date will now offer a selection of policies to choose from.


By selecting a policy, the End Date will automatically populate the respective date based on the Start Date entered.  No more guessing or searching through the calendar.

If your Start Date changes, simply change it and the End Date will automatically update based on the policy being used!


Flighted Placements

When you flight a placement, you will be able to define policies around how the flights are setup and how End Dates should be calculated.  For example, if you have a TV Spot running for 1 month, you may want your flights to run weekly (broadcast week) over the course of that month.


Based on your Placement Start and End Dates and the policy selected, the appropriate number of flights will be created containing the correct Start and End Dates.

Future updates to any of the dates will automatically update flights based on the policy.

Subsequent Start Dates can also have policies to identify gaps between flights.


You can change policies for individual Start and End Dates any time.


For additional around these features see:

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