Order Settings

Order settings enable you to control default values for Terms that will carry into any new orders you create in Bionic.

Default Term Values


Default values include Cancellation Days, Billing, Payment Terms, Bill To Name, And Bill To Email. These can all be controlled in the Administration area of you account. Detailed instructions to set these can be found here.

If you do not set default values, these fields will be blank in new orders.


Order Numbering

Bionic enables options for flexible order numbering. However, you will need to contact Bionic Customer Support to set these. You may also contact us via CHAT or +1 (603) 676-7285 Option 3.

Manual vs Automatic Numbering

In most instances, it is optimal to use Automatic Numbering. When you create orders, Bionic will automatically set the order number. Once set, the number cannot be changed. You can also set your own starting number to pick up from your current numbering sequence. See below for more information.

If you are generating order numbers outside of Bionic, we can enable Manual Numbering. Using this option, users can manually enter alphanumeric values in the order number field. You will also still have the option to have Bionic automatically generate an order number.

Starting Numbers

When you first begin using Orders in Bionic, by default, the number sequence will start with 1. However, it is likely you already have a sequence in place, or want to start at a higher number.

Bionic Customer Support can set start numbers for Orders, Bills, and Payments. Note that Bills & Payments can automatically be entered as will normally be needed.


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