Creating Orders

Orders are created within individual campaigns. You are able to automatically generate orders based on the details built out in your media plan. You will be able to generate orders based on the Program or Vendor.

If you haven't already, you will want to configure your configure your default settings first.


Creating New Orders

Click on the Orders tab.


Click on the Add Orders button or link.

Select from the appropriate options.


Append to existing orders - This option enables you to append adjustments applicable to existing orders without creating all new orders. Each adjustment will apply a new order version.

Always create new orders - Selecting this option will force new orders to be created for the selected programs/vendors.

One order per program - This is an order grouping option that will break out orders by Program (the brand you are buying from). For example, if you have placements for both Popular Mechanics and Men's Health (both owned by Hearst), it will create 2 separate orders.

One order per vendor - An alternate order grouping option that will create a single order based on the Vendor. All placements for each vendor will generate a single order. This is a good option when buying cable.

Programs - Select the programs you want to create orders for in this particular batch. You may use the Search to narrow down the list.

Press Add Orders when your selections have been made.

Best practice: Run orders in separate batches based on the types of buys. Local TV or Radio buys should be run by Program, where cable buys should typically be by vendor. Or if you are running updates to orders, those are best handled in their own batch.


Once complete, your orders will display in the Orders view.



From here you may need to adjust details of your order terms or line items in your order. You will also need to approve the orders internally and then send them as appropriate to the vendors when you are ready.


Next Steps

Managing Order Details

Order Approvals and Changes

Sending Orders to Vendors


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