Managing Orders for Ad Sales

Orders you receive through Bionic will contain all of the pertinent information that a traditional IO would contain. It will provide buyer contact, line item details and terms/instructions. It will also provide a flowchart view of the line items. Additionally, you will be able to access billing details related to the order.

All orders are accessible from the Orders tab of Bionic for Ad Sales or via the link provided in the notification email.

To access order details, go to the Orders tab.


Click on the order number you want to review.

Order Overview Tab

Once you have opened the order, it will bring you to the Overview tab.

Here you will see a summary of the order details, terms, and billing information. You can see details of these items in subsequent tabs as described below.



From here you can Download the order line items or an offline approval. You can also Approve and Reject the order.

Download the Order

There are 2 download options available:

PDF - This will provide a .pdf file that contains all order details and terms. It also contains an electronic signature for offline sign-off that you can send back to the media buyer via email.

Excel - This option will output a .xlsx file that contains the order line item details.


To download either of these options, click on the Download menu and select the desired output format from the menu. Note that if you press the Download button specifically, it will automatically select the PDF version.



Approve Orders

By approving an order, this will notify the buyer contact and update the order status.

When you are ready to accept the order, press the Approve Order button.


Enter the Approver's name and select the desired font.


Press Accept.


Un-Accept Orders

Should there be an accidental approval submitted, or something changes that requires pulling approval back, you may undo the acceptance.

Press the Un-Accept link below the approval.


This will undo the approval, update the status, and allow you to Reject or Approve as appropriate.


Reject Orders

In the instance where the order details or terms are not acceptable, you may reject the order.

Press the Reject Order button.


This will automatically update the status to Rejected and notify the media buyer.



Line Items Tab

The Line Items tab provides the detailed view of the line items being ordered.


This may vary if the media buyer has included additional fields based on the information necessary for them to provide.

You may also use the Download button to export the line items into Excel. This will be the same view as the Excel option on the Overview tab.


Instructions Tab

The Instructions tab will display any specific instructions provided by the media buyer.


These instructions are also included in the PDF output on the Overview tab.


Terms Tab

The Terms tab will outline the specific terms of this order including billing and payment and legal details.


Terms are also included in the PDF output on the Overview tab.


Flowchart Tab

The Flowchart tab will provide a calendar view of the placement schedule, costs and quantities.


You may adjust this view as needed to reflect the calendar type and time breakout by selecting the preferred view from the drop down menu.


You may also download this view by pressing the Download button.


This will produce a PDF output of this flowchart view.


Recipients Tab

The Recipients tab will display the members of your team that have been added to this order.


You will be able to see when each team member was sent the order and when they last opened it.

If you need additional team members added, please contact the media buyer to add them. The new recipient will automatically receive a notification once they are sent the order.


Next Steps

Managing Financials for Ad Sales


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