Deleting Orders

There may be circumstances in which you may need to delete orders. Bionic does enable you to delete orders, but will retain them in an archive in case you need them back.

Orders can only be approved when in Draft. Otherwise you will need to Revoke the order first to return it to draft state.

You may delete orders individually or in a batch process.

Delete Order

To delete an individual order, to the Orders tab of a campaign.

Click on the order number to open it.


Once in the Overview tab of the Order, press the Delete button.


Select the appropriate delete option when prompted.


Only remove line items from this order - This option will simply "archive" this order and remove the line items from it. Line items will be kept in the media plan for future use.

Also delete line items from the media plan - This option is more significant and typically should not be used. When selected, it will use the same process as above, however the line items will be completely deleted from the media plan and cannot be recovered.

Once you have made your preferred selection, press Delete Order to process.

After the delete process has completed, the order listing will update and the order will no longer display.


Alternatively, you can use the batch delete to remove multiple orders.

Place a checkmark next to each order you want to delete.


Press the Delete button.

You will again choose the appropriate deletion method as described above, and press Delete Order to confirm.


Undelete Order

By default, orders that have been deleted will not display in the list of orders. However, you can adjust the filter to display them.

Click on the No Filters menu to expand the filtering options.


Use the Default Statuses menu to expand the status options.

Place a check mark next to Deleted. You can also deselect other options as desired.

Press Apply.

Your order listing will now included Deleted orders.

Place a check mark next to the order(s) you want to recover.


Press the Undelete button.

Although the order itself has been recovered, note the previous line items will not be included in the order. You will need to open the order, go to the Line Items tab, and press Add Lines as described here.



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