Advertiser Settings – Contacts

Advertiser Contacts allow you to identify the key players in relation to this Advertiser, both within your company and at the advertiser company.  Contacts can be adjusted within individual campaigns necessary.

Changes made to the contacts at the Advertiser level will not impact existing campaigns.


Advertiser Contact: This represents the contact(s) at the client that your company works with.

Buyer Contact: This represents the buyer within your agency.  The buyer identified here will pull into the IOs as the contact.  If no contact is identified here, the IO will display contact info of the user who pulls out the IO.


Setup Contacts

To setup Contacts,

Press the + add new link

Enter the email address for the contact.  Press Next

Planner will search the Bionic records for a match.

If there is a match, you will be presented with the business card for that person.

Identify their role (Optional)

Flag as a Main Contact (Optional)

Press Confirm


If there is not a match, you will be asked to provide additional information

Complete as applicable and press Add


Next Step:  Advertiser Settings – Client Team


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