Campaign Settings – Basic Info

The Basic Info page of the campaign setup allows you to specify general information about this campaign such as budget, flight dates, advertiser, and also set a default Gross to Net Discount.  Some of this information you may have already populated when setting up the campaign, and can be changed as needed.



Advertiser, Campaign Name, Currency/Budget, and Flight Dates will carry through based on what was entered when the campaign was created.  You may modify these as needed.

Gross to Net Discount: Establishes the default discount % used to calculate Net cost.  The default set in the Advertiser will automatically populate here. You can change the default for this campaign here, and it will automatically update line items in the media plan that use the campaign default.

Categories: Identify categories that represent your audience.  Use the Reference Card link to access the full list of categories (these are the IAB categories).

Channels: Select the channels from the drop down menu that are expected to be used as part of this campaign.

Countries: Select the countries from the drop down menu that represent the audience for this campaign.

   If in the US, you can also focus on specific CBSA regions.  Typing in the name will display potential matches to choose from.  Use the Reference Card link to access the complete US map.

Notes: Notes are for internal use only, and are a great way store additional information about this campaign.

Documents: These documents will only be available to your organization.  Attach 1 or more documents of any type.  As part of the RFP process you will be able to attach additional documents to share with vendors.


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