Manually Add Programs To Your Media Plan

You can manually enter program names to your media plan by simply typing in the name.

As you begin typing, matching programs will display.  When you see the one that matches, select it from the menu.  This will ensure the program you want is utilizing the respective data card.

If you do not see a matching program, or do not select an existing program, you will be asked how you want to proceed.

In the example above, there is simply a spelling error.  You can correct the spelling, and select the correct program from the list.

Once a selection is made, press Use This Program to confirm and return to the media plan.


If you cannot find the program you are looking for, simply ensure the program name is entered correctly and press Create New Program.

This will add a "private" data card that only your organization can view.  Bionic staff will review the program to determine whether it should be made available for public access.  We will contact you if there are any questions about the program.


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