Adding Packages/Roadblocks to Your Media Plan

Within your media plan, you may need to setup Packages or Roadblocks.  The process for both is the same.

Press the Add Package or Add Roadblock button as appropriate.



You will be presented with new line items to represent the Package or Roadblock.



The top line represents the Package/Roadblock.  The subsequent lines will represent the individual placements within it.  Enter the Program name in the Program field.


It will automatically populate the program through the line items.


You can add additional lines within the Package or Roadblock.


Click on the Action menu icon next to the Package or Roadblock.

Select the Add Package Placement or Add Roadblock Placement option.


You can also add placements to a package by dragging and dropping. To do this:

Click in the gray area to the left of the line number.

Your cursor will appear as a move pointer (a 4-way arrow).

Now drag the placement into the package.

Once you release the placement you will be prompted by a message asking if you would like to add the placement to the package, click Add to Package


NOTE: Placements can also be removed from packages using drag and drop.


If desired, add a package name, by default the Package Name will appear as the Program name + Package (ie. Forbes Package). You can edit this by hovering over the package name and clicking the pencil icon.


Identify the placements that are part of the Package or Roadblock.

Adjust Flight Dates for each placement.  Enter the Rate and Quantity representing the Package or Roadblock.



By default, each placement is assigned an equal part of the overall package value, represented by a 1. However, you may have instances where you will need to "weight" individual line items to represent a greater or lesser value to the package.



You can increase values as needed to adjust the weight of each.

If percentages make more sense to you, you may break out the weight by percent, using a whole number.


You can also put in quantities to represent weight if you want to represent a specific quantity across each.



Cloning Packages

From the package header, click on the menu and select Clone Package.

Your package will be duplicated directly beneath the original package, and you can make changes as needed.

You can also clone a package or multiple packages by selecting the package header(s) and clicking the Clone button located above the media plan. For more on the clone feature click here



Collapsing/Expanding Packages & Roadblocks

To condense your media plan you can collapse packages and roadblocks. This will take however many lines you have dedicated to a package or roadblock and collapse them into just one row, the package header. Once collapsed, you can expand the package or roadblock to display all lines again.

To collapse a package or roadblock, click on the package icon.


Once collapsed only the package header will display. The icon will now show a closed package and the number of placements within the package.


To expand the package or roadblock again simply click the icon again. 


Deleting Packages & Roadblocks

Click on the Action menu icon next to the Package or Roadblock.

Select the Delete Package and Contents or Delete Roadblock and Contents option.  This will delete the ENTIRE Package or Roadblock.

Delete Only the Package or Delete Only the Roadblock will keep the individual line items so they can be managed independent from each other.  They will no longer be part of a Package or Roadblock.

Another way to delete a package or roadblock is to use the Delete button located above the media plan. To delete just the package header, which will leave you with individual placements for each of the package members, select the package header row then click Delete


To delete the entire package, select all lines in the package (using Ctrl + click) and click Delete.



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