Flighting A Placement

Flighting enables you to break out a placement based on time periods that need to be tracked individually. Flights may have varying costs and quantities associated with each.  These breakouts can easily be setup and modified in the plan, and will pass through to the resulting outputs, flowcharts, and allocations.

Typical flighting scenarios may include:

  • TV/Cable/Radio buys flighted by broadcast week
  • Print and digital/social buys flighted by monthly net media spend

Broadcast Flighting (TV, Cable, Radio, etc)

Placements priced on a Per Spot basis will automatically provide a Broadcast Week breakout, automatically allocated based on total quantity.


From here, if the number of spots is different than allocated, you may enter the valid number of spots for each week.

Upon changing a value, you will be prompted to flight the placement.


Press Yes, Flight This Placement

Then proceed to enter tab through each week and enter the appropriate number of spots per week.



Other Flighting

To use flighting, you must first setup the placement.  It is often most efficient to complete the details of the placement before enabling flighting.  Data entered will automatically pass down through each of the flights so you only need to change differences within individual flights.

In the Line column of the placement, click on the Action menu.


Select Enable Flighting.


Enter the Start Date and End Date of the flight.  These dates will automatically populate if you already entered them in the placement.

Select how you would like the flights to be broken out based on the policies available. See the Flight Setup/End Date Policies section of Flight Date Policies for definitions of each rule.

Press the Add Flights button.


Bionic will automatically generate the flights and populate flight dates based on the policy selected.

You may make any adjustments to individual dates as necessary, and the flights will automatically adjust based on the policy it is following.

  • Start Date for 1st flight will always be a specific date
  • The Start Date for subsequent flights will be right after previous flight by default.  You can modify this policy for individual flights after the flights have been created.  Click in the Start Date field and select the policy you need.

Rates and quantities can be modified for each flight.


Adding Additional Flights

You can add additional flights by clicking on the Action menu button next to a flight line item, or the placement.


Select Add More Flight.

You will be prompted to identify policies for the new flight(s) to be added


Identify where you would like the flight(s) to be added in relationship to the existing flights.

Enter the Start/End Dates.

Select the policy to apply to the new flight(s).

Press Add Flights.

The new flight(s) will be added to the placement.


Collapsing/Expanding Flights 

To condense your media plan you can collapse flights. This will take however many lines you have dedicated to a flight and collapse them into just one row, the flight header. Once collapsed, you can expand the flight to display all lines again.

Click on the flight icon to collapse flights.


Once collapsed only the flight header will appear. The flight icon will now show a vertical airplane with the number of flights for that placement.


To expand flights, click on the flight icon again. 


Deleting Flights

You can delete individual flights by clicking on the Action menu button next to the flight you want to remove.


Select Delete This Flight to remove this flight.

Prior or subsequent flights dependent upon this flight will automatically update to reflect the change.

You can opt to delete multiple flights by selecting the lines you want to delete.


Press the Delete button at the top of the media plan.


NOTE: If you delete ALL flights for a placement, the placement will also be deleted.  At least 1 flight must be left to keep the placement.



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