Placement Line Item Costs

You can edit and remove costs for individual placements. This will override any default costs & rates setup in the campaign settings for Production, Agency Compensation, and Delivery costs. 

Edit Cost

The Cost will automatically carry in the default rate identified in the campaign settings.

In the Media Plan, hover over the cost you want to edit

Press Edit


You may change the currency and/or rate for the applicable fee

You can also tab to the field & press the Space bar to edit

Exclude Cost

If you do not want to use a particular Cost for a specific line, you can opt to Exclude it.

In the Media Plan, hover over the cost you want to Exclude

Press Exclude


Reset Cost

For any Cost you have changed from the default, you will have the option to Reset the value to use the default identified in the campaign settings.

In the Media Plan, hover over the cost you want to Reset

Press Reset


Batch Edit

You can update Costs for multiple placements at once using the Batch Edit function.  Here you can change values, exclude, and reset.


NOTE: If you receive errors in your Cost fields, there may be a conflict between the cost method used for that cost and the rate method. You can find a complete list of errors and explanations here.


View Line Item Details

There is also a Cost overview page available that enables you to modify and manage placement costs.  Here you will see the complete calculations for the line item, are able to make changes, and can easily access the campaign settings should you need to add other Costs for this placement.

Click on the menu icon for the line you want to view

Select View Line Item


Click on the Cost tab to view the Cost breakdown.  This will provide a complete breakdown of the cost calculations for this placement.  Cost information can be changed here and will automatically apply in the media plan.



The top section will provide the details for Rate, Quantity, Gross/Net (all of these are editable), and the applicable calculations.

The next sections represent Production, Agency Compensation, and Delivery Costs.  These can be edited, reset, or excluded for this line item.


If you need to add a cost not listed, click on the Select Costs option within the applicable section to add it to the campaign. See Production Costs, Agency Compensation, or Delivery Costs for instructions.


Total Cost

This section shows a breakdown of how the total cost for the placement is being calculated.




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