Managing Your Organization’s Profile

The Organizational Profile provides general information and settings for your company, including address, phone number, contacts, date format preference, and logo.

Anyone can manage your company's profile information.

Click on the Company Name in the upper right corner of the screen to view your company's profile.

Press the Administration link to make changes.


Press the Edit button, or click on the Settings tab, to access your Organization's information.


Once in the Settings, you can update important controls and contact information.




Use the Browse button to add or change your Organization's logo.


Use the trash can icon to remove the logo.

Contact Information

Add or change addresses, main & billing contacts, phone number, and website as needed. This data is used to pull into certain outputs, and will be the default for all new users.


NOTE: Contact support if you need to change this information for Bionic billing purposes. Changes here are not automatically carried to our billing systems.

Date Format

Identify the preferred date format for your Organization. This will impact how dates are entered and displayed Bionic and outputs. Each user can set their own preference, but this will be used as the default for all new users.


Gross to Net Discount

Identify the preferred discount % that should be used to calculate the Net cost. The default is set to 15%, but can be changed based on your country's standard percent or other factors.

The default set here will carry to Advertisers created, and can be overwritten at the Advertiser, Campaign, and Placement level as needed.

Learn more about Gross to Net Discount.


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