Managing Your User Profile & Photo

There are a couple of places to update your profile and photo.

Initial Login

The first time you log into Bionic, you will be prompted to update your information and accept the Terms of Service.


NOTE: You cannot access Bionic unless you accept the Terms of Service.  If you use the X, or select Log Out, you will be logged out of Bionic.

Simply update editable fields to make changes and add additional information to your profile.

If you need to change your email or company name, contact Bionic Customer Support at or use the Chat in the top right corner of the application.

Add Photo


Press the +Add Photo link

Select the image from your computer

Replace Photo


To change your photo press the Replace Photo link

Select the image from your computer

Remove Your Photo


Press the Remove Photo link


Accessing Your Profile

At any time, you can access your profile.

Click on your name in the upper right corner of the application


Select Edit Profile


Update your information and press Save Changes.


Setting Your Preferred Date Format

Bionic supports a number of different date formats to meet your specific requirements. While your organization can set a default date format, you can set your own preferred format.

In your profile, choose from the list of available formats.


This will control how dates are displayed when you are logged into Bionic, and any outputs generated through Bionic.

NOTE: If you have a custom output such as Media Authorization or IO, the format selected in your profile will not impact that output. If you need changes to this, contact Bionic Customer Support at or (603) 676-7285 Option 3.




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