What is an Advertiser?

In Bionic Planner, an Advertiser represents the marketer to which a campaign belongs.

You will set up Advertisers for each marketer you work with and configure default settings.

When creating a campaign, you will specify its Advertiser.  The campaign will then automatically use the Advertiser's defaults you set up, but can typically be changed for individual campaigns or line items in your media plan.

Bionic also supports multiple layers of Advertiser hierarchy.  When setting up Advertisers, you can identify a Parent Advertiser to define this structure.  The result allows you to analyze an Advertiser's data at a variety of levels.  The might look something like this:

Advertiser A

     Sub-Advertiser A

     Sub-Advertiser B

          Sub-Advertiser 1

          Sub-Advertiser 2

               Sub-Advertiser a

    Sub-Advertiser C

Advertiser B


Getting Started Creating Advertisers

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