Advertiser Settings – Basic Info

When configuring your Advertiser, the Basic Info tab is where you define general information about this Advertiser.  Here, you can also establish the default Gross to Net Discount to use for campaigns under this Advertiser.



You can access this page by clicking through on the Advertiser and then clicking on the Settings tab.

The Parent Advertiser allows you to create a multi-level hierarchy between multiple Advertisers.  If you choose to identify a Parent Advertiser, this Advertiser will become a Sub-Advertiser of that company.  An Advertiser that is a Sub-Advertiser could also serve as a Parent Advertiser of another, allowing for the multi-level hierarchy.  See What is an Advertiser? for additional information.

Gross to Net Discount

The Organization default Gross to Net Discount will be automatically populated for all new Advertisers.  You can override the % for individual Advertisers simply by changing % here.

All new campaigns created for this Advertiser will use the default set here.  You can override individual campaigns as needed.

For more details about Gross to Net Discount, see Understanding Gross to Net Discount.


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