Campaign Settings – Integrations

In the Integrations section, you can define the default Ad Server to connect this campaign to as well as options for Tracking URLs.


Tracking URL Pattern


Tracking URLs can be defined to meet the requirements of your agency or client for any platform. Here you will choose from the menu which Tracking URL Pattern you wish to use for this campaign. The default set for the Advertiser will automatically populate.

By default, you will have 1 option: Bionic Default Pattern. Instructions for creating additional customized patterns can be found here.

Default Ad Server

Defining your default ad server and applicable IDs help to enable certain ad server integrations. If you have set the Server & Advertiser ID at the Advertiser, it will automatically carry forward. You can simply enter your Campaign ID.


As a prerequisite, you will need to configure your ad server first.

Choose the appropriate Server from your list of available options.

Enter the Advertiser ID & Campaign ID.

Instructions for configuring your ad server are specific to the platform.

NOTE: This set up is required to pull a DCM Trafficking Sheet (DCM Import file).

Clickthrough URL: Select whether the Landing Page URL or Tracking URL should be used


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