Campaign Settings – Integrations


The Integration settings provides options around the Tracking URL to use and data sources to receive performance data from.

Options selected here will carry in from the Advertiser settings. They can be changed within the campaign as needed.


Tracking URL Patterns

Tracking URLs can be defined to meet the requirements of your agency or client for any platform.

Choose from the menu which Tracking URL Pattern to use for this campaign.


By default, you will have 1 option - Bionic Default Pattern. Instructions for creating additional customized patterns can be found here.

Once selected, the Tracking URL will automatically generate using the specified format upon entering your Landing Page URL within the media plan.

Select Integrations

In order to incorporate performance results into your plan, you must identify which integrations you want to include data from. Each integration represents a connection (whether manual or automatic) for a particular data source.

To add integrations, click on the Select Integrations button.


From the list, choose the integration(s) you want to add.


If the integration you need is not in the list, click the "Create a new Integration" link and follow the instructions found here.

Instructions for configuring your ad server are specific to the platform.

  • The list of platforms can be found here

Press Done when complete.

Selected integrations will display in a list, providing additional information about each integration.


You can click on the Integration Name to modify the details and connection.

Name - The name you have defined for this integration.

ID - The unique Bionic ID for this integration. Can be used for support purposes.

Metrics Provided - The metrics this particular integration supports.

Status - Identified whether this integration is Active or Inactive.

Direction - All integrations will be Inbound (to Bionic) for the time being.

System - The data source this integration is for.

Load Status - Informs you the status for the most recent data load.

Requested - Request for data has been sent.

Pending - The file has been received and is pending upload.

Error - Will display specific error message received from the data source if an error has occurred. Contact Customer Support for assistance.

Completed - Data load has been completed.

Sync - (For API integrations only) Force a data sync to update data from the prior day.

Upload - (For integrations requiring manual upload) Upload performance data from a CSV file

Download - (For integrations that use the Bionic template, such as offline sources) Download placements into the Bionic template.

For detailed information about getting performance data into Bionic, see Steps To Set Up A Campaign To Receive Performance Data.

Ad Server Clickthrough URL

This option will control which URL is included in your media plan.

Choose between Landing Page URL and Tracking URL


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