Flowcharts Overview

Flowcharts provide a highly customizable breakdown of your media plan(s) that can be exported into several formats.  Flowcharts can be viewed by campaign, subadvertiser, and advertiser to provide you any level of breakdown you need.

Bionic automatically starts developing your flowcharts when you start building out your media plans.


To view flowcharts for an individual campaign

Click through on the campaign you wish to view

Click on the Flowchart tab



To view flowcharts for an Advertiser or Subadvertiser

  1. From the homepage, click on Advertisers tab
  2. Select an Advertiser or Subadvertiser
  3. Click Flowchart tab


This display will show all content for the selected advertiser and any sub-advertisers beneath it.


You can limit to just the selected advertiser by deselecting the Include Subadvertisers checkbox.

You can also use the navigation panel to access an Advertiser or Subadvertiser's flowchart.


  1. Expand the navigation panel
  2. Select the Advertiser or Subadvertiser you want to display flowcharts on
  3. Click on the Flowchart tab


Flowchart View

The flowchart will give you a complete breakdown of the applicable data, by default the data is grouped by Channel.



Placement Details

Within the flowchart view, by clicking on the Channel or Program you can view related details about them.  Clicking on the Product or a bar in the chart will display the Product detail.



Adjusting Flowchart Width


By default, you will see the flowchart in the standard "actual size".  If your media plan(s) span a long period of time, you will not see the entire time period.

Click on the Fit to Width option to zoom out and view the entire range of dates.  This option will only be available if the date range doesn't fit into the standard view. Once Fit to Width has been clicked, to revert back to the original view click Show Actual Size.



Also see Customizing Flowcharts & Flowchart Exports

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