About Adding Programs to your Media Plan

Your media plan will be developed within a campaign.  For information about how to create a campaign, see Setting Up Your Campaign.

When developing your media plan, a good place to start is by adding programs.  You may already know where you want to advertise, or maybe not.  It's possible that you have an Excel spreadsheet you'd like to import.  Bionic can support all of these situations.

Import Media Plan - If you have an existing media plan in Excel, you can set up the campaign as you normally would and use the Bionic media plan template to convert your plan to our format.  That file can then be uploaded to Bionic. 

Manually Add Programs - If you start typing program names, you will have the ability to select from Bionic's directory of programs.  If the program you want isn't available, it will automatically get added for you.

Research Programs - Use Bionic's data card directory to research available programs.


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