Research Programs Using Data Card Search

Bionic has a robust directory of advertising opportunities that you can utilize for research.  The research function is only accessible if you are currently in a campaign.

There are a few ways to go about researching.


Quick Search

The Quick Search is available when you are in a campaign.  It is located in the upper right corner of your screen.


Enter keywords to represent a particular program, or the type of program, you want to find.  For example,

  • 'Parenting' will return a variety of parenting related websites
  • 'WWFS' will return properties with those call letters or companies that use that abbreviation
  • 'Technology' will return sites related to technology of any kind

You may find some keywords you use will return unexpected results due to multiple or broad meanings of a word.  In those cases, it may be best to use the Advanced Search, explained below.

Using Suggest, you will be presented with results that match the channels & categories identified in your campaign in addition to any keywords entered.  You do not need to enter a keyword in this instance.  See Campaign Settings - Basic Info for configuring these settings.


Advanced Search

Press the Advanced button to access advanced search options.

All fields are optional.

Keyword - These are words to help focus your search.  It looks at data card titles & descriptions to find matches.

Publisher - Enter a complete publisher name to limit your search to a particular publisher.  If you only fill in this one field, the results will present all programs listed under that particular company.

Category - Enter category names and select from available categories.  You can enter multiple categories as desired.  Use the reference card download to see a complete list of available categories (these are IAB standard categories).

Channel - Enter channel names and select from available channels.  You can enter multiple channels as desired.

Monthly Uniques - Identify the number of uniques you are looking for using Greater Than, Less Than, or Equal To.  Data cards not containing monthly uniques will pull as 0.

Display endorsed programs only - Limit your results to only display programs endorsed by people in your company.  This is especially helpful when your company requires you to only use approved programs.

Press Search to execute



The results page will display programs that matched the search you ran.  Results are sorted by Relevance.  From this screen, you can see general information about the program, and can add it to, or remove it from, the campaign you are working in.

Click on the Program name to view the entire data card.  Additional information about data cards and details around working with them can be found in Data Cards.


Adding programs to your media plan

In the In Campaign column, you can add and remove programs.

Out indicates the program is NOT in your campaign.  When you hover over it, the Add button will appear, which will add it to this campaign.

In indicates the program IS in your campaign.  When you hover over it, the Remove button will appear, which will remove it from the campaign.


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